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Little by little with gatsby

1 min read

So my first attempt to get back to React was an ice breaker. My secret app is still there, but I must admit: I wasn't ready.

I like function components, but I'm still struggling with hooks. To be honest, coming from vueJS it was a shocker to make an api call inside the useEffect hook.

So I decided to take a few steps back and play with Gatsby. I switched to GatsbyJS my personal blog, my company website and made a little app to check if mountain paths are closed after a very serious storm in the Dolomites Area.

Gatsby themes and source plugin really blew my mind: I made a search app using a google spreadsheet as a source. Just one year ago I had to learn google apis and develop various calls, now it's just a graphql query and some styling. Gatsby just works and it's the perfect tool to approach React.

What a time to be alive!